Lewis Co. C-1 School District

Acceptable Use Policy

The Lewis Co. C-1 School District’s information technology resources acceptable use policy covers the following; all e-mails, all Internet access, any district network access, and all use of district-owned technology devices and peripherals. Information technology resources are provided for educational purposes only. Adherence to the acceptable use policy is mandatory for continued access to the Lewis Co. C-1 School District’s information technology resources.

Users shall;

  1. Respect and protect the privacy of others by;

    1. Using only assigned accounts and authorized passwords.

    2. Not distributing, copying, or publishing private information about others or themselves.

    3. Never assume the identity of another authorized user.

  2. Respect and protect the integrity, availability, and security of all electronic resources by;

    1. Observing all network security practices, as posted.

    2. Reporting all security risks or violations immediately to appropriate personnel.

    3. Not knowingly destroying or damaging data, networks, or other resources that do not belong to them, without written permission of the owner (This is not limited to Lewis Co. C-1 School District resources).

    4. Avoiding practices that inhibit/restrict the availability of the information technology resources to other users. (Including but not limited to internet radio, video/audio streaming, downloads, uploads, gaming or peer to peer connections)

    5. Using the information technology resources for educational purposes only.

    6. USERS SHOULD NEVER ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT THE FIREWALL OR INTERNET FILTERING SYSTEM . Successful or not, attempting is a violation of the AUP, and can result in disciplinary action and/or loss of internet access.

  3. Respect and protect the intellectual property of others by;

    1. Respecting copyrights and avoiding plagiarism. (This includes but is not limited to games, movies, music, and software.)

  4. Respect and practice the principles of community by;

    1. Communicating only in ways that are kind and respectful.

    2. Reporting threatening or discomforting materials.

    3. Avoiding intentionally accessing, transmitting, copying, or creating material that violates the school's code of conduct (messages or images that are pornographic, threatening, rude, discriminatory, or meant to harass or bully).

    4. Avoiding using the district resources to further any acts that are criminal or violate the school's code of conduct.

    5. Never sending/forwarding spam, chain letters, or other mass unsolicited mailings.

    6. Buying, selling, advertising, or otherwise conducting business only when authorized by the district.

Violation of these rules may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to the loss of privileges to the use the Lewis Co. C-1 School District’s information technology resources.

Supervision and Monitoring: Lewis Co. C-1 School District’s Administrators, the Network Systems Administrator and any authorized employees do monitor the use of the Lewis Co. C-1 School District’s information technology resources. This is to help ensure that users are secure and in conformity with the acceptable use policy, internet service provider and ensure compliance with state and federal laws. The Lewis Co. C-1 School District’s reserves the right to examine, use, and disclose any data found within the Lewis Co. C-1 School District’s information networks. This is for the purpose of furthering the health, safety, discipline, the security of any person(s) and/or to protect property. This data may be used as information in disciplinary actions. Upon the request of law enforcement agencies, this data will be made available.