Bus routines and procedures Established bus riding schedules for our students are vital to helping ensure that they are safely picked up and dropped off at a routine location. A student rider is assigned to a bus for pick-up and drop-off based on their normal established bus stop, whether at home or a caregiver’s residence. All students must be on time and outside at their assigned bus stop when the bus is scheduled to arrive. Bus changes may be made if a 24-hour advance notice is given in writing, and must be given to the school office, NOT the bus driver. We must have this documentation regarding the details of any change in the routine before any deviations from the normal routine can be considered. We do this for protection and safety of our students.

When a parent/guardian requests a bus pass 24 hours in advance it must include the following specific information:

Student’s first and last name

Parent’s first and last name

Adult’s first and last name where the student is going

Effective date for bus pass

Full address where the student is going

Contact phone number of either the parent/guardian or the responsible person

The school will not issue bus passes for:

Parties or functions at other student’s homes

After school activities or events such as basketball practices, games, etc...

All “Day of” bus routine changes must be approved by the Transportation Director at (573)209-3217.