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Community Surveys please take a moment to complete each of the following surveys.  One is regarding Facilities Improvements and the other is regards to the possibility of COOPing with Canton in Football and Soccer.

HHS Master Schedule  An e-mail has been sent out to the e-mail on file for parents. Students should have 8 classes.  If not it would indicate they did not select enough courses or classes without an hour assigned means there is a conflict with the master schedule and the course requests.  Please email me with concerns or requests atsadam@lewis.k12.mo.us

The master schedule is still subject to changeWatch your emails.  Link for the MASTER SCHEDULE .         

Open House HHS & HES: August 18th 4-6 p.m.

First Day of School
Thursday, August 20th

Summer Camps

Softball Camp July 21st - 23rd:
Grades 3rd - 5th will be held from 3PM - 5PM (FORM)
Grades 6th - 8th will be held from 5PM - 7PM (FORM)
Grades 9th - 12th will be held from 7PM - 9PM (FORM)

Band Camp August 10-14:

August 3 - Mon (Section Leader/Drum Major) Leadership Camp - 12:00pm  Mr. C house Quincy-BBQ

August 4 - Tuesday - Percussion Camp (All percussionists and Drum Majors) 5:30pm - 8:30pm

August 5 - Wednesday - Percussion Camp (All percussionists and Drum Majors) 5:30pm - 8:30pm

August 6 - Thursday - Freshmen/Colorguard Camp (All Freshmen, Colorguard, and Section Leaders) 5:30pm-8:30pm


  • $50/student band fee needs to be paid by August 14 - (the cost includes uniform cleaning, tshirt, show design fees, extra staff compensation, etc)

  • $50 additional fee for percussion and school owned instrument usage


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