Hope your summer has been wonderful. Just wanted to send a quick note about our annual BAND CAMP coming up at the beginning of August. Summer Band Camp is a mandatory camp where we assign music, uniforms, learn the field show drill etc for the marching season. We pack a lot of learning fundamentals in a short few hours each day with a goal to learn all field show music and drill for the field show by the end of camp. This year our first game is August 18th which makes attending our band camp even more important so that we can have music and part of our show ready to perform on that date. 

Below is our schedule

Tuesday August 1 - Section Leader Leadership camp @ Highland - 2-5pm
**All section leaders need to be in attendance (we did not get the scholarship funding to send all of our section leaders to the camp off campus this summer so this date will take place of that)

Wednesday August 2 - FRESHMEN/COLORGUARD BAND CAMP BASICS (field show drill & parade) - 2-5pm
**All freshmen, color guard, and section leaders need to be in attendance

Thursday August 3 - ALL MEMBERS - (Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, & Colorguard) - sectionals for music 2-5pm
Friday August 4 - ALL MEMBERS - sectionals, pregame assignments, uniforms 2pm -5pm (you must get uniform this day!)

Monday August 7 - ALL MEMBERS - Field show Drill 2-5pm
Tuesday August 8 - ALL MEMBERS - Field Show Drill  2-5pm
Wednesday August 9 - ALL MEMBERS - Field Show Drill 2-5pm
Thursday August 10 - ALL MEMBERS - Field Show Drill  2-5pm
Friday August 11 - ALL MEMBERS - Field Show Drill 2-5pm

I would encourage you ALL to brush the dust off of your instrument and make sure it is in good playing condition before camp. Also make sure to locate a flip book and lyre so that you can practice with music during camp. 

I will send out a follow up email a week before camp starts. 

Emily Dehner - Drum Major
Montana Bender
Treyton Bringer
Gage Neisen - Band Captain Woodwind
Carli Scifres - Band Captain Brass
Nathan Moore
Zayne Gaus
Noah Parrish
Harley Griffin
Brianne Morgan
Kaitlynn Schroder

See you in August
Mr. C

4:00, 5:00 & 6:00 sessions
HHS Media Center
Freshman Orientation (
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Thursday, August 17th

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