Updated Stops and Estimated Delivery Times

Please see the following link: Meal Delivery Stops & Expected Delivery Times by Bus Number (this link will update daily for next day deliveries) for an updated listing of the stops and estimated delivery times after additional children signed up for the program and routes have been amended to provide for those meals as well.

Additionally, to assure that we are still promoting and practicing the social distancing we are advised to utilize during this COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to request that families provide some container for the school personnel to place the meals in when they are making the deliveries.  Parents and students are requested to remain in their homes, vehicles, or stand at least 6 feet away from the container where Highland employees will place the meals for the children. Please understand that this is being done to protect you, your children, and the district employees working to provide the meals to our community children.

Examples:  The container could be a cooler, a plastic tub, or even a box. (*Keep in mind that rain is in the forecast for several upcoming days. If it is raining, it would be preferable to be a plastic container with a lid to ensure the meals are not getting soaked by rain.)

If a family is picking up from one of the common stops, like a park, then they need to have their container sitting just outside of their vehicle as they wait for the delivery to be placed in the container.  They could row down a window or use their hands to communicate the number of meals they are expecting.  After the meals are placed in the container and the school employees have left that area, then the families can open their vehicle doors and get the container to take with them.

If a family is getting a delivery at their residence, then a cooler or plastic container placed near the end of their driveway or mailbox, especially in the cases where there is a relatively long driveway from the main road to the actual house.  The delivery will be made and then the children or family can get the container once the bus has pulled away.

If there is a car at the end of the driveway and near the road where the bus will stop, deliveries could be placed in the vehicle for the family to retrieve once the bus pulls away.

Finally, anyone still wishing to sign up for the program and have meals delivered for any children that live with the school district's boundaries and are 18 years old or younger, please use the following survey to register your children:  Meal Delivery Registration Survey -- Meal Deliveries will begin for your children on the 2nd weekday after the child is officially registered for the program.

Thank you and if you have any questions, please contact the school at 573-209-3217 to get assistance!


John French