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Parent Notification of 
NO Chromebook Collection

We will not be collecting all student Chromebooks at the end of this school year, like we did last year. We will only be collecting 6th graders and graduating seniors. The incoming 7th grade students will then receive a new Chromebook during fall registration (to last them until graduation). 

If insurance was purchased the coverage will extend through the summer. If you did not purchase insurance, you are responsible for any damages. Insurance will be available for purchase again for the 22-23 school year during the fall registration.

Please find a safe place to store your Chromebook over the summer. Do not leave the Chromebook in a car, outside or anywhere it will get wet. Store the Chromebook where your pets and younger children will not have access to it. For additional information about Chromebook care please look over the Chromebook Handbook

Student Chromebooks/Account will be disabled starting in July and will be turned back on only after we have received the signed Chromebook Handbook/Insurance form that will be available in the fall 22-23 registration packet. The 22-23 registration dates will be announced at a later time.

If you know that you will be moving to a new school for next school year, you must turn in the district assigned Chromebook, case and charger before the end of this school year. Student or parent will need to bring the district-assigned Chromebook, case and charger to the library and return to either Mrs. Moore or Mrs. Dehner. 

If you find out over the summer that you will be moving to a new school for the next school year, students or parents will need to bring the Chromebook to the district Central Office - located on the west end of the high school building. If you have any questions you  can call 573-209-3217 and ask for Mrs. Moore or email at smoore@lewis.k12.mo.us.